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BY: JUSTIN DAMBACH Mar 7th, 2013

Ready Virginia Mobile App Development

One of our most recent app development projects, developed in association with the Virginia Departement of Emergency Management, was launched last month and is currently in use in the state of Virginia. Ready Virginia is a free emergency preparedness mobile app designed to keep Virginia residents informed and prepared.

The Ready Virginia app is available for iPhone® and Android™ mobile devices. It provides emergency planning and preparedness guidance along with several other important features, including:

  • Location-specific weather watches and warnings, as well as flood information, issued by the National Weather Service
  • Disaster news from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management
  • Maps with open American Red Cross shelters, hurricane evacuation routes, hurricane storm surge zones and stream gauges
  • A template for creating a customized family emergency plan that can be easily shared
  • Local emergency manager contact information
  • Information on what to do during different types of emergencies

The Ready Virginia mobile app recently received statewide exposure and promotion by the Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell. Governor McDonnell stresses the importance of mobile development and social media in times of disaster.

“Mobile phones and tablets have quickly become a primary way for people to stay informed during disasters. Last year, social media and web-based information were critical to informing the public and keeping individuals updated with important information during the severe derecho wind storm and Hurricane Sandy. The new Ready Virginia mobile app gives people another way to stay informed and quickly identify services and other valuable resources regardless of their location.”

– Governor McDonnell

Using the apps planning section, users can carry all of their emergency contact information, meeting places, etc. with them wherever they go on their mobile devices. The information is stored securely on the device’s internal memory, allowing users to access the information even if they don’t have internet service. Users can easily share their plan with family or friends to keep everyone informed on what to do in case of an emergency.

“This new app is one of the most important ones Virginians can install on their mobile devices. Now our citizens can get ‘mobile ready’ and ensure that their families are prepared for emergencies and stay informed with official disaster information when an emergency occurs.”

– Governor McDonnell.

You can download the Ready Virginia app from the Apple App Store℠ or from Google Play™ using one of the two buttons below.

Apple Store Button     google-play-button


Justin Dambach

Justin Dambach

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