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2022 Wrapped Vert + recteq

2022 by the numbers

By the numbers: 2022 recteq Recap

Together, we did A LOT this year! Take a 'scroll' down memory lane and experience some of the reasons why we love working with you.

  • 13
    From automations to holiday campaigns, we brought a variety of ideas to life in 2022!
  • 2434617
    Emails Delivered
    Woah! That's a lot of emails to our recteq fam. On average that's about ~187k emails per campaign.
  • 1090834
    Email Opens
    Nice! Did you know the avg. open rate for eCommerce is only 15.7%? We knocked it out of the park with 44.8%!
  • 87
    "Can you see my screen?" said
    What can we say?... We just want to verify that everyone can, in fact, see the pretty presentation on status calls

By the numbers: 2022 Vert Recap

WOW, we do great work together! In fact, look below at a few metrics that your partnership has helped Vert achieve

  • $ 10.5
    Media Dollars Trafficked
  • 2
    Premier Partnerships Earned
    Google Premier Partner
    Meta Partner
  • 74.2
    Emails Sent
2023 is around the corner

Let’s do it again next year!