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When Michael, Matt and I started Vert over 15 years ago we dreamt of building a company that would be bigger than us, filled with people we truly love working with, and could stand the test of time. It is in that spirit, with a full-heart, a lot of excitement, and even more gratitude that I am thrilled to share that Vert has been acquired by Croud!

We first met Dean, Kris and Amit, from Croud’s NYC office, right here in Atlanta back in early 2022 when we first started exploring the opportunity to join our businesses together. It was clear right out the gate that our values as humans and business people were cut from the same cloth. Ambitious, humble, hard working, and committed to a long term mission & vision. We shared a great meal, compared industry notes, and all signed a post card from the restaurant (Tiny Lou’s in the infamous Clermont Hotel) to commemorate the aspirations of the meeting that evening.

The signed postcard that started it all

We spent the better part of the last 2 years growing our respective businesses, sharing some Client work (checkout the case study here), and continuing to explore what a joint effort would look like both short & long term. As the discussions began to expand & heat up, our leadership team decided that it would be best to be 100% transparent with our people (despite some guidance from advisors & lawyers). I think this was the defining moment of what sets this acquisition & business partnership apart from the rest – a truly people-first approach to working together and casting a collective vision for the future. We got to know these folks so well during the “courtship” stage of this pairing that my wife and I even met up with their M&A Lead while vacationing in the UK last summer (thanks for everything Tara)!

Kevin & his wife Megan with Tara on the streets of London

Now that the partnership is cemented – I am beyond thrilled to be part of such a world class set of leadership, teams, & clients. The calibre of talent at Croud is second-to-none, and I cannot wait to see what access to 2,900+ digital experts via the “Croudie Network” can do for our teams. The fact that we use many of the same tools & software is going to make integration & ops that much easier for our people, so that we can focus on continuing to provide truly enterprise-level solutions for our Clients. Lastly, our hometown Atlanta is so critical to this partnership – both as the home-base for expanding our operations & as a strategic hub to serve the US & North America. I’ve loved being a Vertbag since 2009, but I believe I speak on behalf of the whole team when I say that we’re excited to be called Croud Atlanta for the next chapter of this journey.

Croud CEO, Luke Smith, with the local ATL team

On a more personal note on behalf of myself and our executive leadership team – we aren’t going anywhere! I still have as much heart & soul in this business as I did on day one, it’s just now on a global scale. There is so much potential still to be realized across our collective offices, and now as part of Croud, the reach & speed of that mission is only accelerated. Most importantly, I am grateful for all of the amazing humans (whom I call friends & colleagues) who have made this possible for the collective Vert Team. There are a lot of reasons to do deals like this in business, some good & some not so great, but when it comes to our people, our Clients & our work – I know that we are creating something greater than the sum of its parts with Croud. Onward & upward!


Kevin Planovsky

Kevin Planovsky