Front-End Interaction Designer

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We’re looking for Front-End Interaction Designer, a visual thinker who dreams in code and considers {{insert favorite text-editor here}} their canvas. But, one who can also create a pixel-perfect mockup in {{insert favorite design application here}} like it’s their job – ’cause it often is.

Vertbag interaction designers are passionate about making cool sh!# that solves problems for our clients. We are nimble and independent, not stymied by the daily reality that we often have to research the solution for ourselves. We’re true digital hybrids who bridge the gap between visual design and development, bringing interfaces to life on screen.

Does this sound like you? Cool, but do you love designing and building for everything digital: web, mobile, display and email? Do you believe that (basically) every interaction on the screen needs a transition and know that there’s a giant difference between .3s ease-out and .35s linear? Do you like to debate grid-systems and line-height? Are you also generally pretty cool, nice to dogs and other humans? Okay then, continue reading.

MUST haves:

  • A couple years of experience in an agency or brand design team
  • An online portfolio (you probably wrote from scratch) that will make us jealous, showcasing experience designing and writing code for responsive/adaptive websites
  • Technical proficiency (code): Ability to write compliant, scalable and beautiful HTML5, CSS3 + Sass and Javascript (not JUST jQuery)
  • Technical proficiency (art): Ability to run the Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) like a boss
  • Capacity for conceptual design thinking: Ability to read a creative brief and independently come up with visual solutions
  • Nimbleness: On any given day, you will bounce between clients and mediums (social media, digital advertising, web & mobile development, and email) multiple times
  • Ability to collaborate with other designers and developers
  • Ability to collaborate across teams with brand and account strategists
  • Ability to deal with an ‘occasional’ unreasonable/uninformed request and find solutions
  • Ability to follow existing structures/processes/workflows
  • An understanding of basic marketing goals, principles and campaign work
  • Not bothered by dogs, Spotify, free snacks, and the occasional adult beverage in the office

Stuff you’ll be doing

  • Collaborating with strategists, designers and developers to create clever, effective & beautiful things for screens
  • Being awesome

Stuff you WON’T be doing

  • Being bored
  • Managing fragile egos, your own or those of design leaders at Vert

Extra Credit

  • PHP and/or WordPress development experience
  • Proficient using command line and git work flows
  • Being cool with building emails, because tables are cool too

Compensation: Based on experience

Commitment: Full-time, salary + benefits

Legal things:
Don’t judge a book by its cover (as hard as that is). The work here and the website itself does not represent the creative that we produce. Hiring our amazing, talented and shiny new Front-end Interaction Designer (maybe you) will give us the time to fix this, with their help.

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Vert Benefits

We don't mean to brag, but Vert is pretty dang special - and a great place to work, learn, and grow. If you're looking for an opportunity to collaborate, strategize, take risks, and conquer challenges, check out our careers page.
  • No Preset Vacation Days
  • Open & Collaborative Working Environment
  • 100% of Premiums Paid For Health & Dental
  • Company Sponsored Happy Hours
  • A Macbook Air for All Full-time Employees
  • Credit Voucher For Mobile Device
  • Snacks & Coffee Available Daily
  • Paid Time Off For Volunteering
  • Work From Home Options Available
  • A Casual Dress Code is Encouraged
  • Dog Friendly Office
  • Yearly Conference & Event Allowance