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Vert + Croud

Vert’s new chapter.
Call us Croud Atlanta.

A match over 2 years in the making, rooted in shared vision, values & services.
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Here’s what’s new
Croud's Global Offices

Global Scale. ATL Team.

Our teams & Clients will have the ability to tap into a global network of 2,900+ on-demand, in-market digital marketing experts, known as ‘Croudies’ in addition to four Croud offices across the UK, NYC & UAE.

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Croud UK team gathers for meeting

Industry Leading Experience.

Now aligned with the expertise and knowledge of Croud’s 500+ strong team, working on leading global brands such as Audible, Vans, and Nespresso, all equipped with top-tier partnerships including Google Premier Partner status.

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Vert and Croud Leadership

Enterprise Leadership.

Our collective leadership teams have a shared belief in Croud’s vision and model - focused on unlocking potential for both our clients and our people to grow and evolve as Croud’s new Atlanta base.

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Case Study

Vert + Croud drive global leads for Barco.

We teamed up in 2024, leveraging locally-sourced insights from the Croudie Network to improve scale and performance across countries & languages.

  • 20+ Countries Targeted
  • 5+ Languages Supported
  • 141k Clicks Generated
Partnering with leading global brands
Frequently Asked

How will this impact my work or partnership with Vert?

This should not affect any pre-existing work, partnerships, clients or arrangements in any material way in the near to mid-term. Vert will fully integrate operations into Croud over the coming weeks, and with this brings access to better tools/solutions for the future. Otherwise - the teams, services, people, leadership and values that you love about Vert will only persist and get stronger with more resources behind them.

Will the people at Vert change?

Croud has chosen us because of the strength of our people and Client partnerships, and with that comes a commitment to preserve that mutual value. In that spirit, there are no plans what-so-ever to make material changes to our people, teams, processes or services provided. All Vert Clients, partnerships & Contractors will continue to be led, managed and serviced from this Atlanta office now, and into the future.

Is Vert’s leadership joining Croud?

Yes. This was a major decision that was over 2+ years in the making. Kevin, Michael and the Vert’s leadership & team leads have all been a key part of the process and are excited about this next chapter of the business.

How will the Croud team & resources integrate with Vert?

Over the next few weeks and months, our internal Vert teams will get onboarded to new Croud systems & tools. As our work, campaigns & projects continue, we may have the opportunity to leverage Croud resources from time to time, depending on the need. Our collective goal is to maintain the strength & continuity of the Vert business while leveraging the expanded scale & resources of Croud where needed.

Will Vert keep it’s brand name & identity?

We will remain operating as Vert for a few more weeks while we complete some initial integration work with the larger Croud operations & technology. Sometime this summer we will adopt the name “Croud Atlanta” and you will see everything switch over including emails, social accounts, website, etc.

What is the “Croudie Network”?

The Croudie Network is made up of over 2,900 on-demand digital specialists across the globe, covering everything from SEO and PPC experts, to graphic designers, to localisation and transcreation specialists. This is a unique operating asset to the Croud business that our teams will have access to utilize in the coming weeks.

I want to hire you, who should I contact?

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Who should I contact for Press inquiries?

Please reach out to Carly Price at Croud:

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