Coca-Cola Sustainability: Engaging & Interactive Infographic Design

Building a better future through data visualization and interactive infographic design


The Coca-Cola Company has made a huge commitment to supporting every one of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, leveraging its connections and brand authority to help communities around the world work toward a more sustainable future. They wanted to share all of the ways in which they've helped make a difference in these communities, and came to Vert to help condense that information into an easy-to-understand, visually appealing format. They asked for a simple infographic, but we took the final deliverable a step beyond the traditional, flat visual to build an interactive, engaging microsite that provides a much more fun and enjoyable experience than your typical in-line JPG.Sample of the Infographic Design PDF completed for Coca-Cola SustainabilityWe started out by developing exactly what Coca-Cola had asked for — a PDF that could be printed or embedded on a website — which got the point across, but was missing the "wow factor" that our team knew could be achieved with this information. Using the static infographic as a jumping off point, our team built a fully responsive, interactive microsite that included all of the same content and clickable URLs, but presented them in a much more exciting format in order to elevate the user experience and encourage consumers to spend more time exploring just how involved Coca-Cola has been with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The end result: A next-level interactive "infographic" that not only includes all of the same information as a printout or a JPG, but also presents that content in an engaging, aesthetically pleasing way to encourage deeper interaction and understanding.
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