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Achieving 5x the Average Engagement Rate through Organic Facebook Content

PROJECT OVERVIEW is the dental industry's premier resource for dental professionals to connect and create teams that excel. The service was created by a Registered Dental Hygienist who understands the unique nuances and demands of the industry's job market. With Vert's social media expertise, the Facebook Page became a hub for news, knowledge, conversation, and even humor that play to the strengths of this niche audience.

Starting with a fan base of just over 8,000 users in November 2012, Vert grew's Facebook presence by an additional 20,000 fans during the first 12 months at an extremely efficient cost per like (CPL). How? Hyper-targeted Facebook ads provided a strong foundation for this growth, but the majority of engagement was generated organically through an enthusiastic user base. During the same 12-month period, the average number of users engaging with the Facbeook Page each week increased by 760%.

Furthermore, despite recent changes to the Facebook algorithm that have had marketers 'round the world throwing up their hands in despair, has maintained a 1.5% engagement rate - nearly 5x the average of 0.34% for Pages of a similar size - despite a very lean media budget. As recently as March 2014, a single post reached over half a million users with zero paid media amplification.

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Close analysis and continual optimization have been essential, but the biggest factor in this Page's success has been knowing the audience... and listening to what they have to say.
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