DentalPost: Career Data-Driven Infographic Design

Crafting shareworthy data-driven infographic designs to help dental professionals make informed decisions


In the time since its launch in 2005, has become an industry-leading resource for employers and professionals in the dental industry. The site is first and foremost a job board, but it differentiates itself by providing users with a number of tools and features that aim to guide Job Seekers not just toward open positions, but toward fulfilling careers based on a number of factors. Location and experience obviously play a factor, but so do things like personality traits and core values - which are determined by a series of free assessments all users can access through their profiles.

The team at has built a business around helping Job Seekers and Employers make smart, data-driven decisions - A theme that is woven throughout our work with the brand across various digital channels. Through social listening and analytics, we learned that Dental Professionals love to share their own data and see what these numbers look like collectively, so we spearheaded a series of infographic design projects to collect, analyze, visualize and distribute key career and salary information specific to the most common careers in dentistry.Sample of Dental Hygienist Salary Infographic Design completed for Dental PostThrough a series of surveys distributed strategically across's social profiles, we collected a LOT of data from thousands of participants — and, as a result, learned some really interesting things about the state of the industry. This raw data was fascinating, but complex — so our bigger challenge was figuring out how to distill the numbers into easy-to-understand, visually engaging formats. Over a few months, we repeated this process to share our learnings about Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Dental Front Office Staff as well as Dental Professionals as a whole. These infographics picked up steam on social, driving thousands of visits to and even being distributed in industry-specific print publications.Sample of Dental Assistant Salary Infographic Design completed for Dental PostIn the twelve months following their launch on the blog, these infographics have seen 45,000 combined pageviews (including 40,000 uniques), tens of thousands of which came directly from social referrals — both from the brand's posts and from user-generated content.
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