Nothing But: State of the Curl Nation

Instagram-fueled cartography of the country's curls


Nothing But Hair Care has a very specific target consumer: primarily African-American women who wear their hair naturally curly. These women are extremely tech savvy and love to share with their community, so when we were brainstorming our next campaign we knew Instagram was the place to go.

Nothing But - Curl Nation

Working with Nothing But, Vert created the "State of the Curl Nation" - integrating directly with Instagram's API to create a custom map on Nothing But's website that displayed Instagram mentions of the branded hashtag #nothingbuthair. By posting to Instagram with that hashtag and turning on their Photo Map, women across the country could share their style with the natural hair community. The landing page also incorporated popular style-specific hashtags, encouraging women to explore different styles throughout the US and spend more time on the site.

During the five-week campaign, almost 9,000 women visited the map, spending an average of just over 3 minutes on the page per visit. Site traffic was through the roof, more than double the average compared to previous months and the previous year! There were over 59,000 mentions of all tracked hashtags, led by the incredibly popular #naturalhair tag. The branded #nothingbuthair hashtag saw almost 300 mentions, which continue to increase even after the end of the campaign.
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