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The Client

A clear understanding of data is crucial for fast and informed business decisions, which was especially true for Realogy, a national real estate brand looking to grow its presence across the US; the success of their campaigns was tied directly to their ability to view and ingest daily cross-channel paid media results. But a growing campaign list and numerous, unconnected databases made seeing reliable, up-to-date metrics on which ads drove the most quality leads increasingly difficult. 

The Challenge

Realogy's paid media campaign metrics were spread across various systems, causing headaches for strategy and reporting teams. Additionally, determining which placements generated the most down-funnel leads was a burden; the further a lead travels down a funnel, the more difficult it is to tie back to the source.  A solution was needed that could automatically ingest data from multiple data points, clean that data, manipulate it into meaningful metrics, and then visualize it in an easy to analyze fashion. 

The Process

We used the Google Cloud Platform and Google Data Studio to provide the necessary data storage,  cleaning, manipulation, and visualization required to accurately present and pull insights. Through a series of exports and manipulation workflows, we were able to create a clean data set to use in our daily visualizations. We also connected our data source up to a user-friendly and highly visual performance dashboard to showcase the various campaigns across platforms. With this new workflow, Realogy could easily monitor campaign performance and use that data to make smart and relevant campaign optimizations.

Development: Barco Trade-In Landing Page

Clean data visualizations and a completely overhauled dashboard helped Realogy use their data in a more meaningful way.

Email and CRM: Barco Trade-In
The Results

The dashboard and various data visualizations allowed teams to spend more time analyzing campaign performance and less time manipulating raw data; in other words, the data was finally easy to decipher and all in one place. This led to deeper insights at a regional level and more meaningful optimizations at the campaign level. Instead of searching through large data sets and tables, our Google Data Studio dashboard clearly and concisely presented engagement metrics and KPI’s on both a national and regional level. This reporting transparency paved the way for better collaboration across teams and client work.

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