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How Our Digital Agency is Connecting & Maintaining Our Business Culture During COVID-19

It’s no secret that the recent circumstances have completely uprooted our normal habits across all industries. Thankfully, the nature of a digital agency means flexibility, and we’ve been able to complete our jobs as long as there is Wi-Fi available.

However, there is something about being in the office that is hard to recreate at home; the office space sparks impromptu collaboration, increases efficiency in tasks, and overall, creates that beloved human interaction that we now lack. And while we do feel our agency headquarters are an important part of what it means to be a Vertbag, we haven’t let COVID-19 take away the business culture that we pride ourselves on!

Join the Culture Club

Vert’s Culture Club is composed of a group of Vertbags who aim to bring fun and inclusive ideas and activities to life. While typically these morale-boosting efforts are executed within the walls of Vert, COVID-19 has allowed the Culture Club to shift the status quo and think outside the box to keep spirits high.

Virtual Happy Hours

If you keep up with our Instagram, you probably know that at Vert, Fridays mean happy hours! We’ve been hosting Vert-ual Happy Hours on Fridays to wrap up the week and start our weekend on a positive note, toasting to accomplishments and celebrating another WFH week in the books. 
Within the Happy Hours, we’ve also incorporated interactive games to boost morale as we sip our well-deserved beers and cocktails including: 

  • Google Surveys asking “Whose WFH Space is This?”, “Whose WFH Coffee Mug is This?”, “Who Did This During Quarantine?”, etc.
  • How To Make a Cocktail
  • Played Quiplash (basically a virtual wittier jeopardy)
Virtual Happy Hours and Business Culture at Vert Digital

Staying Together Virtually Throughout the Week

While Happy Hours commonly wrap up our work weeks, we don’t just limit our vert-ual events to just a Friday Happy Hour! We’ve also been encouraging Vertbags to start their days with each other by sipping on coffee or having lunch together in a Vert-ual Breakroom.

Additionally — with so many of us cooking at home more often — we’ve been sharing recipes and exploring more dishes with each other.  

Sharing Recipes with Co-workers

And though we don’t have our office Alexa on in our homes, we’ve curated a Quarantunes Spotify Playlist that includes songs from every Vertbag’s WFH jams to help recreate that in-office experience.

Don’t Stop Us Now

Though we can’t wait to get back to Vert HQ, we’re eager to continue to make the most of these times by discovering new ways to shape our “WFH culture” by not only staying connected while separated but exploring the opportunities that lie in a new normal.