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Founded in the ATL

Fiercely independent & founder-operated

Kevin Planovsky, Matt Griffin and Michael Lentz first worked together way back in the early 2000s – think Geocities websites and Razr phones – as members of the mobile media scholar program at the University of Georgia’s New Media Institute. After spending a few years working in startup and agency settings post-graduation, they’d all noticed the same thing: no one was taking this “mobile internet” thing super seriously.

So they decided to take a risk and create Vert: a mobile-first digital agency, hell-bent on doing things a little differently.

Founders - circa 2010

Michael Lentz, Matt Griffin and Kevin Planovsky graduated together from UGA, and founded Vert in 2009.

Since Vert was born in 2009, Vert has remained fiercely independent and founder-operated while adjusting and adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape along the way. We’ve evolved along with the industry, but there are a few things that have remained true: we’re still committed to discovery and innovation, dedicated to doing things differently, and ridiculously thoughtful about the work we create. Oh, and those three guys we mentioned? They're still intricately involved in the day-to-day, too.

Full-Service Digital

Full-service digital marketing capabilities, niche expertise

Over time, Vert has grown into a full-fledged, full-service digital marketing agency – not as a revenue play, but because we’re passionate about experiences, not just good-looking ads or efficient CPCs. We’re obsessed with the journey from impression to conversion, from brand awareness to brand advocate, and our teams work together like a well-oiled machine to understand and drive those transformations.

Today, Vert is made up of functional teams with world-class expertise in digital media, digital brand strategy, digital design, full-stack development, analytics & CRM, with a digital account strategy team who ties everything together with thoughtful consultation, communication, organization and direction.

We’ve positioned ourselves at the intersection of data and creativity, always optimizing everything from audiences and ad formats to creative and CTAs. Shifting the status quo is built into our agency DNA – we know that little things can make a huge difference, and that if something’s doing okay, it could probably be doing even better through the smallest of adjustments. This mindset means that we’re as immersed in platforms as we are in our clients’ businesses. Learn more about our services and our 100% custom approach to client work here.

Core Values

We value our values (really)

Vertbags share a lot of the same qualities, but we all think a little bit differently, too – and it’s often where our differences collide that the best work is born. However, it’s the things we have in common that make us efficient, effective, and a pleasure to work with (if we do say so ourselves). Those are our core values:

Framed print listing Vert's Core Values
  • Flow with the go. Digital is always changing – and so are the ways in which our clients’ brands fit into this ever-evolving landscape. Vertbags embrace and thrive on change, identifying opportunities in the chaos and reacting to them quickly.
  • Shift the status quo. Iterate. Iterate. Innovate. We’re constantly and intelligently trying new things – understanding that every word, every pixel can make a world of difference.
  • Shine a light. We say what we mean (and mean what we say). We know that digital, social and mobile can be murky – as can client-agency relationships. We strive to be transparent, honest and respectful of every minute and dollar spent with Vert.
  • Love your work. Continued success in digital requires a foundation of passion and energy. We’re dedicated to our craft and always hungry to do better, and our collective ambition creates a positive, creative environment where passion for and commitment to digital are key.
  • Trust the team. Collaboration is essential to creating amazing, effective work. By combining diverse perspectives and areas of expertise in everything we do, we’re guaranteeing stronger, more thoughtful results.

It’s all about the people

In a digital world, it can be easy to forget that there’s actually a real, live, human person on the other side of the screen – and that’s something we’re committed to reminding ourselves of every single day. We’re all about building connections: between brands and their audiences, between our agency and our clients, and as individuals working together to create really incredible things.

We try to keep the clichés to a minimum around here, but there’s one we’re very serious about: our people are our most important asset. We’re often battling robots and algorithms while simultaneously harnessing their power to learn, analyze and optimize, but it’s our thought process and the brains behind it that are our secret weapon. We believe that happy people create the best work, so we strive to elevate and empower every Vertbag through coaching, continuing education, collaboration, and a crazy amount of courtesy. We check our egos at the door every day and are really, truly enthusiastic about working and growing together.

Want to get to know our amazingly talented team? Meet the Vertbags here.

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