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Web Design and Development

There are a lot of agencies out there who can create a beautiful, professional website – but what use is a good-looking website if it doesn’t help your business grow? When it comes to your website, function is just as important as form. Vert’s web design & development services work hand-in-hand to assure this from concepting to execution. Our development team is design-minded and our designers consistently consider how something will function once it’s built. Because our audience-first approach to digital marketing extends to the websites and landing pages we create, you’ll find UI and user-experience at the core of our work. We understand the foundational components of great web design and development and ensure everything we build follows established best practices, without sacrificing creativity.    To ensure your site is one part gorgeous and one part functional, we treat the back and front ends with equal importance. Our analytics integration and clean, well-organized code make all the difference when it comes to setting your site above the rest (literally and figuratively – hello, search engines)!

Mobile First Since 2009

Vert was founded on a mobile-first mentality in a time when less than half of American adults were using their phone to access the web. That’s obviously changed, but we’re still mobile first in every sense of the word. But your website shouldn’t just be mobile friendly, it should be mobile-forward. Considering the rapidly growing trend of mobile internet users, we assume the majority of your traffic is coming from mobile devices. Your website is likely the first thing potential clients or customers see from your business, so it’s important to prioritize their point of view. Every website we build takes a responsive approach by default for peak usability and navigation.   The end result is going to function beautifully across devices thanks to rigorous browser and device testing, an integral part of our website development services. Not only will your site be responsive and analytics-driven, but it will also work and drive your goals (not just digital actions, though those are important to us, too!).  Ultimately, your website is a marketing tool that can grow your business, which is why our web design and development services are all oriented towards driving your organization’s objectives.

We’re Geeks, But We Know You Might Not Be – And That's Okay

Our world is increasingly digital, but not everyone can be a web development expert. Thankfully, we can handle the nitty-gritty geeky stuff so you don’t have to. For one thing, we’ll provide secure web hosting services to keep your website up and running during potential #BreakTheInternet moments. Vert takes pride in writing “clean” code, which makes it super easy for your own development team or other partners to make adjustments as your website and business evolve over time. From CRM integration to lead generation, we’ll make sure that your landing page’s form fields, analytics and attribution are all set up in a way that they’re easy for you to translate and leverage.

We’re Platform Agnostic

We pride ourselves on being “platform agnostic” and building the best solution for your present and future needs and goals. Whether for a small business or enterprise organization, we build beautiful, unique, and easy to maintain websites. Plus, we’ll set you up with an easy to use CMS to make edits and updates to content on your own – no website development expertise required. Learn more about our web design process, by reading our First Watch website case study.

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