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Why Data Visualization?

We live in an age with an increasing need for actionable and accessible data. Most companies have plenty of data flowing through their doors, but the ability to break down that data into digestible insights and optimizations has proven to be a challenge. Data visualizations and dashboards allow us to see data in new ways that unlock insights previously hidden in a raw data format. These visualizations give us a better image of campaign performance as opposed to just tabled data. If constellations help us organize and map the stars, then visualizations help us organize and map our data. Data visualizations help us focus our attention on the things that matter, and block out metrics that distract from the full picture.

Campaign Performance & Attribution

At Vert, we believe in the importance of reporting transparency and we know the important data that can be turned into strategy. With fully customized and interactive dashboards, our clients have full access to their campaign data, with the ability to filter by a number of dimensions such as date, region, specific campaigns, cohorts, and other variables. Our dashboards are built client-first in order to provide a platform to properly monitor performance and report on conversions. This enables our clients to see their campaign’s performance in a transparent manner.

With these dashboards, we are able to join data sources across multiple mediums such as email, paid media, customer data, sales data, and business data. We combine data sets across every facet of a business in order to paint a holistic picture of how our clients’ campaigns contribute to their business as a whole. We use data visualizations in our dashboards to help report on data such as:

  • Audience insights
  • Store visit data
  • Lead generation data
  • Online order data
  • Email send time optimization

Our primary goals are to provide transparency in reporting data, unlock insights in performance, and improve our campaign performance through timely dashboard optimizations.

Insights & Optimizations

Through proper KPI tracking and analytics, our various data visualization services have allowed our internal teams the ability to spend more time analyzing campaign performance and less time manipulating raw data. This has led to deeper insights at an ad level and more meaningful optimizations at the campaign level. These insights and optimizations, in turn, drive more clicks, more leads, and more customers.

Instead of searching through large data sets and tables, our dashboards clearly and concisely present engagement metrics and KPI’s on a high level and a detailed level. This reporting transparency has paved the way for better collaboration across teams and client work. We continue to improve KPI metrics through testing and deriving strong insights for the right strategy. Strong data visualizations combined with strategic and analytical insights help drive smarter business decisions.

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