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Data Analytics Services: Why Tracking and Attribution Matter

With access to more data than ever before, there’s pressure to track as much as possible. But what use is a bunch of data if your tracking isn’t strategically planned and organized? Vert integrates data analytics services into every campaign and project we manage for better, smarter setup, execution, and results.

We help identify the goals of your digital marketing campaign, then ensure your campaign is set up on the right platforms and channels with proper data integration from the onset. On digital, analytics tools can be used in real time to identify actionable insights and make optimizations to improve results based on trends.

Our clients leverage Vert’s data analytics expertise to ensure tracking and attribution are set up to properly monitor performance and achieve their desired business outcomes.

How We Use Tracking & Attribution Effectively

Tracking and attribution can be implemented and used in a variety of ways depending on your business needs. Some of the big data analytics services our clients leverage every day include tracking and attribution through Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, and third-party web analytics platforms. Plus, we can perform data integration with your preferred CRM and business analytics tools. Knowing how users interact with your web presence is the key to getting to know your customer better. The better you know your customers, the better you can serve them.

Vert’s web analytics services include the strategic use of a variety of tools and platforms to monitor, optimize, and report on user activity throughout the funnel. Our expertise in tracking and analyzing user experience data can glean valuable information like how visitors navigate the page and where they look and click. Our CRM data integration and enterprise data management help track how users move through the funnel, no matter how long or nuanced it might be.

With the business intelligence we glean from user behavior and activity, our data analytics consulting services can support your goals and growth far beyond a single campaign. Some examples of the results we’ve driven through analysis and attribution are:

  • For a real estate client, shaking up our targeting strategy in order to segment our campaigns based on revenue-per-lead increased our return on ad spend by 14% in the first month and 26% in the second month.
  • For a mobile app campaign, focusing our media budget on ad sets with the highest conversion rates of install-to-free-users (as opposed to cheapest cost per install) has correlated to a steady increase in free users who have ultimately converted to paid subscribers.
  • For a campaign where our goal’s been to drive ticket sales, we built a custom audience of past purchasers to help drive down the overall cost per ticket purchase to $3.65 and $2.86 (compared to a campaign average of $7.80).

How to Turn Tracking & Attribution into Business Solutions

Your analytics and tracking solutions are only as good as the insights and reporting you pull from them, so knowing what to do with the data is key. Vert analyzes and reports on digital marketing campaigns throughout the process – not just when it’s wrapped up. We’re always learning from and optimizing campaigns and know that on digital, a little tweak can make a big difference.

While pivot tables and raw data reports are our jam, we know a lot of executives wouldn’t say the same – which is why we excel at data visualizations through dashboards. Dashboards and data visualization allow us to support our clients on everything from business processes to predictive modeling, impacting both the campaigns we manage and their broader goals as an organization.

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