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Converting Users Through Paid Social: Will You Accept This Rose?

Kelsey Agnew
Written by Kelsey Agnew  February 12, 2016

Sometimes advertising feels a whole lot like dating: you’re constantly looking for new people, putting yourself out there, and dealing with rejection, the whole time doing your best to learn from the experience. One great thing about digital media is that it provides us with opportunities to develop one-to-one relationships at scale – enabling conversations between brand and user that feel personal and intimate, but that are engineered to work towards a goal or set of goals. In that way, a digital campaign can feel a little bit like an episode of The Bachelor – where a campaign’s goals may be clicks and conversions, but the goal of a contestant on the show each week is to be offered a rose.

Just as we, as advertisers, can never guarantee a conversion – if we could, we’d be immensely popular and very rich – there’s no way for Lauren B. to ensure that she gets a rose week after week. However, there are a few things we can all keep in mind to improve our chances.

Find your commonalities and use them as fuel for conversation.

If your ad’s in front of a user on a social channel, they’re part of a target audience you’ve identified based on some combination of interests and/or demographics. They’re someone who will likely enjoy or benefit from the products or services you offer, right? Why is that? What part of their life can you enhance or simplify, in one way or another, and how? Drill down to the details and focus on the shared passions, interests, or values between brand and consumer to develop an authentic, engaging message that will catch their eye and entice them to get to know you a little better.

Consider your surroundings.

If you’re on a reality TV set surrounded by a bunch of other contestants – all of whom have a lot going for them – you’ve got to find a way to stand out, and you’ve got to find it fast. When your ad appears in a paid social format, you’re not only fighting for attention with your competitors; you’re trying to edge out that cute baby photo, the latest engagement announcement, and the artfully-composed shot of Lauren H.’s dinner. Keep this top of mind and look for creative ways to stand out from the crowd while still getting your point across. (Sound like a challenge? We’ve got a team of experts who can help.)

Talk about them – not you.

Sure, your brand’s pretty great. But what can you do for me? Users want real, tangible examples of the value you can provide, and they want them in a fast, easy-to-understand format. Instead of simply touting all of your best-in-class, industry-leading features, break it down into terms someone unfamiliar with your brand can understand. If you can quickly and easily convince them how you can solve a problem and make their lives a little simpler, they’ll want to learn more – and you’ll ultimately get the highly-coveted conversion you’re so desperately seeking.

Look, we know that the digital landscape can seem overwhelming, and that it can be really tough to put yourself (and your advertising dollars) out there without truly knowing how or when it’s going to pay off. However, a thoughtful approach can go a long way, and can help put you in a great spot to achieve the goals you’ve identified. Keep these things in mind when you’re planning your next campaign and you’ll be well on your way to wooing your audience, one rose at a time.

Kelsey Agnew

Kelsey Agnew

Long before joining the Vert team in 2012 as a Digital Brand Manager, Kelsey was spending her time kicking around a soccer ball, cheering for the Steelers, and building Angelfire websites in northwest Pennsylvania. Currently, Kelsey leads the web & social content charge at Vert, working with clients to develop and execute robust, engaging strategies.