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SB Takes Over Being the Newest Vertbag

Hello world. My name’s Sarah Beth, and I’m the newest addition to the Vertbag clan! You’re probably wondering a few things right about now. Is she as cool as Jason? Where’s she from? How did she end up as a Vert intern? WHO IS THIS GIRL?

Well, let’s dive in.

Before I made the move down to Atlanta this past October, I was a born-and-raised small town Tennessee gal. My love for the Vols and SEC football led me to The University of Tennessee, where I graduated with a degree in public relations and a minor in business. Post college, I wanted to live somewhere completely different and break out of my comfort zone. So, after a few web development projects and a lot of thinking, I packed up my things and came to the ATL. What an adventure these past few months have been. It was definitely the right decision, and my favorite thing about Atlanta is first and foremost the food.

A highlight of my undergrad years: that one time I thought I was Twitter famous (34 retweets was a big deal for me):

So how did I end up at Vert? In a nutshell, the ever-growing world of digital and social media has and will always fascinate me. At 13, I was gifted with my first phone and the rest was history. I was a T9 Word wizard, y’all. From there, I was on MSN Messenger, then Myspace, then Facebook. Hard to think now about those pre-smartphone days when I only had access to the digital world from 4-6 pm (the phone obsession was enough on its own, so my Dad tried to limit the computer hours). As soon as I got a taste of the connected lifestyle, I kept wanting more.

As social media grew and mobile technology evolved, I realized I could make a living out of this integral part of my life, so I sought out other like-minded people to work with. Now that I’m here at Vert, soaking up every bit of knowledge possible, I’m absolutely loving it. Being a fresh face, I hope my optimism and excitement will be another positive source of energy here in the office that adds to Vert’s awesomeness.