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Talking Snapchat with Social Media Club Atlanta

Snapchat is a platform adored by teens, feared by adults, and now targeted by brands. On April 21 a handful of the city’s brightest digital marketers gathered to discuss how to tackle Snapchat from a marketer’s perspective during a Social Media Club Atlanta meeting right here at Vert.

Leading this month’s edition of the Coffee & Content conversation series was Evan Connors, our Digital Brand Strategist, and we walked away with great insights on how social media marketers should understand the channel from a brand (and user) perspective. Here are some of the key highlights from the chat:


With channels like Food Network and Yahoo! News, the Discover feature is an outlet used by publishers to better connect with millennials. It allows them greater control over use of creative graphics, videos and content, and each channel has made the space their own.


Well-known celebrities and individuals boost their online presence through their Snapchat accounts, building a strong connection with loyal daily viewers. By now, brands partnering with influencers to reach new audiences isn’t anything new, but Snapchat has proven to be a unique new tool. One influencer that surfaced during our discussion was DJ Kahled. With such a huge and devoted following, he has managed to promote not only his personal brand, but others that he uses on a daily basis as well.

Duration of a Story

Recent research found that social users in the 50+ age group like longer videos, while the majority of Snapchat users (aged 18-24) prefer brief clips no more than a minute long. Stories are composed of clips that max out at 10 seconds, which allows for the happy medium of longer-form storytelling with faster-paced components.

Comparing to other social platforms

It’s a lot harder to syndicate content to Snapchat, which means that you have to approach it with its own unique strategy. Nowadays, users may be more likely to open up Snapchat first when they want to share something with friends in the moment:

Snapchat represents a more unfiltered version of life, and there is no reason this platform shouldn’t be used by brands to target younger audiences. It’s fun, it’s authentic and it’s working.

For a full breakdown of the conversation, check our Facebook Live stream of the discussion on Vert’s Facebook page:

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