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Working with Different Personality Types – Our Results

Jason Lehmkuhle
Written by Jason Lehmkuhle  September 21, 2018

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve heard of a personality test, and if so, there’s an even better chance that you’ve taken one. What used to be seen as a scary-accurate horoscopic vision into one’s personality is now used to build stronger companies.

It’s no secret that a business needs all kinds of personalities to run efficiently, but what are the different personality types, and how do they work together to create a harmonious work environment? At Vert, we all recently took a workplace personality test, and these were the results:

Vert Personality Breakdown Chart

The results were across the board, which is a great thing! Everyone brings something unique to Vert; that’s why we work so well together. To find out what the heck these four-letter acronyms mean, check out the full personality type breakdown from 16Personalities. For now, let’s highlight a few Vertbags’ personality types!

Michelle Demasi – ISFP: Adventurer

Michelle DeMasi

Adventurers, by nature, have the gift of creating meaningful and inventive work from ideas inspired by connections with others. This could not describe Michelle more! Her creative spirit and ability to think and build onto complex ideas makes her a fabulous asset to Vert’s Brand Strategy team.

Elizabeth Grady– ESFJ: The Consul

Elizabeth Grady

Consuls are supportive, outgoing, always altruistic and upbeat. Sounds like our EG! Elizabeth embodies all of these traits and more; she’s excellent at creating purposeful connections with clients and fellow Vertbags, making her an essential member of Vert’s Digital Account Strategy team.

Justin Dambach – ENFJ: The Protagonist

Justin Dambach

Protagonists are natural-born leaders who genuinely enjoy guiding others to success. They also captivate their audiences with their charismatic and organized communication skills. All of these traits ring true for Justin, who leads Vert’s Data Marketing team with a steadfast and confident energy, making him a true Protagonist and dauntless luminary!

Lauren Harber – INFJ: The Advocate

Lauren Harber

Advocates talk the talk and walk the walk; they pride themselves in preparing concrete and manageable plans to achieve their goals. Lauren is notorious for her capability to manage multiple different projects at various stages, all while driving solid plans and fearlessly leading Vert’s Digital Media team!

Mallory Keeler – ISFJ: The Defender

Mallory Keeler

Defenders are known to exceed expectations, are delighted to go above and beyond, and stand up for what they know to be true. Time and time again, Mallory has proven herself to be a reliable and intensely hard-working Vertbag that treats every project she’s given with great enthusiasm and vigor. This makes her a crucial addition to Vert’s Design team!

Michael Lentz – ESTP: The Entrepreneur

Michael Lentz

Sitting idly by does not compute with Entrepreneurs; they take action and are constantly shifting the status quo. Being one of Vert’s founders, Michael truly has an entrepreneurial spirit and is quite bold (not just with his sock choices!). Michael’s energetic and quick-witted personality are just two things that Vert (literally) couldn’t exist without!

Our personality differences make us a stronger, more well-rounded company. Understanding each other’s individual strengths and weaknesses help us plan projects and manage teams more efficiently. Wondering what your personality type is? Take the test and share with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Jason Lehmkuhle

Jason Lehmkuhle

Jason joined the Vert team from Minneapolis where he designed and built websites professionally, ran marathons competitively and ice-fished occasionally. As the Director of Interactive Design Lead, Jason oversees the creation of rich interactive experiences on apps, websites and other digital media designed and built for Vert clients.