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Facebook Advertising

Whether you’re looking to grow your email list, get new eyes on your latest launch, or gain more reservations for your upcoming event, we can provide a dynamic social media advertising strategy for your business on Facebook and Instagram.

At Vert Digital, we use conversion-focused copy, targeting, and media best practices to create scroll-stopping Facebook ad campaigns. In short, we put money where our audience’s eyes are — scrolling down newsfeeds, liking, sharing and commenting — to drive placements. As a full-service Facebook ad agency, we can fulfill every asset of a campaign from media strategy to creative, all while reporting and adjusting copy to give you the best results.


Building a successful Facebook campaign requires equal parts knowledge and capability. When you’re placing money behind your social media marketing on Facebook Advertising Manager, you need an audience-first advertising plan that works within your budget. When planning a campaign, we factor in your budget, your potential return on ad spend, and long- and short-term goals to determine campaign length, audience and landing page needs.

Once we’ve determined the campaign goal, we research audiences and build new audience segments or target audiences you already own (like website visitors, email subscribers or current customers). From there, we compile creative assets — whether that’s video, photographs or a website — and match it up with attention-grabbing copy to get that audience to click or buy. 

Before the campaign launches, we’ll conduct A/B testing on our audiences and creative, and throughout the campaign, we’ll tweak creative and copy based on performance data to get you the best results. It’s an end-to-end framework to ensure that your ad dollars are spent responsibly and efficiently.

Pixel Set-Up + Data Reporting

As stewards of your marketing dollars, we know how important it is to verify that your Facebook ad campaigns are performing to their fullest potential. Our teams can help you set up your Facebook Pixel on your website through Facebook Business Manager, guaranteeing that your campaigns will report the accurate metrics needed to optimize your campaigns. Additionally, every ad will have a UTM tracking link to correctly measure clicks and conversions. Each custom or lookalike audience is also coded for easy reference, helping you have a comprehensive overview of ad performance from beginning to end. 

And finally, before the campaign goes live, we’ll send you the Instagram ads and Facebook ads to approve for launch. And once they’re running, we’ll keep you updated and informed with detailed performance reports.


Your audience is a major asset in your Facebook marketing strategy and Instagram strategy. When advertising on these social platforms, it’s important to leverage the audience you own and build new audiences based on interests, buying habits, demographics, job titles and more.

We know how to reach your perfect audience pool through strategic audience building; we can target email subscribers, website visitors, people who engaged with your Instagram or Facebook profile, or users who have responded to a Facebook event and pair them with Facebook Audience Insights, creating new groups that are interested in companies similar to yours. From this new pool, we can craft and cull the ideal audience that would want to learn more or buy from your company.

Creative Assets + Customer Destination

Along with attention-grabbing copy, we take care of the creative that gets the audience to engage with your ads. We can create creative assets needed for the eye-catching Instagram Story ad that makes a viewer immediately swipe up, or the videos and photos that gain you new email subscribers. Our creative design and development team is fully equipped to take your campaign to its greatest potential.

Comprehensive Campaign Partnership 

When you need a strategic Facebook ad agency to bring your campaign to life and reach your desired objectives, we’re ready to help. We’ll take care of every facet of your Facebook ad campaign, from advertising copy and creative, down to the landing page where conversions happen.

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