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Influencer Campaign Activations & Sponsorships

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Influencer Overview

Deliver your brand message with authenticity

An influencer is someone with sway over their audience for a particular industry or subject. They have expert knowledge on a specific topic, or have gained a large following, making them a credible source for their audience. Brands can tap into this engaged audience by partnering with an influencer to gain awareness of their product or service and even drive sales.

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Influencer Campaign Goals

Drive KPIs. Get measurable results.


Partnering with influencers will place your brand or product in front of the eyes of a new audience and increase the visibility of your brand, an important first step to building new relationships. Tracking impression data on the posts created will help measure the effectiveness of this KPI.


Engagement metrics provide an overview of how the campaign was received by the audience. A single engagement can be one of a number of different actions taken by your audience, like shares, comments, clicks, video views, etc.


Conversions are when prospect completes a desired action. This can include things like redeeming a coupon code, signing up for a newsletter, or purchasing a product. By setting up affiliate links, UTM parameters or promo codes, we can track the traffic sources of customers who converted during the campaign.

Influencer Considerations

Pick the right messenger, on the correct platform.

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Influencers have emerged as the most effective digital media channel to build awareness and engagement quickly, authentically, and at scale.


Influencer rates vary based of the number of followers,  their engagement rate, and the amount and type of content created for your brand. We can help determine if product and/or additional  compensation is the best form of trade, and work within budgets to determine the campaign size.


Each influencer has their own authentic voice. One particular  voice may be a perfect match for your  brand, while another could feel disingenuous or forced. We dive deep into an influencer’s profile to make sure they complement the brand’s voice & tone.


Choosing the right platform to run an influencer campaign on comes down to understanding the audience, goals, and objectives of the brand and aligning that vision with the correct platform. After  determining the campaign goal and audience we’re aiming to talk to, we compare platforms to decide what will best help achieve the desired results.


A perfect influencer shares content relevant to your business and industry and has a following that  aligns with your desired target market. We research the content influencers are posting and also analyze the validity of their following. Huge followings don’t always equal huge results. Niche influencers can have dedicated and engaged followers that help brands reach their desired results.

Learn more. Reach out to discuss how we build and manage influencer campaigns.

Influencer Campaign Process

How influencer activation works

Creative Brief

Develop an attention-worthy creative brief

A good brief will give the influencer information about the campaign, brand message, clear deliverables and calls to action, and the do’s and don’ts.


Identify the right influencers

Review various influencers whose audience and content are aligned with our brand’s products or services. Review them with the brand to make sure both parties are aligned. Share the creative brief with influencers.


Payment for trade

It’s important to clearly define goals initially to know if payment, product or a combination of the two is necessary. During this phase of the process, we’ll negotiate prices per post with influencers in order to fit within the allotted budget.


Getting products to the influencer

Mailing out products and communicating tracking information is where the brand is most heavily involved. Once influencers agree to the negotiation terms, they are shipped their products (if needed).


Distributing the content

Creators will send their content for review and approval ahead of their posting time to ensure their posts meet brand guidelines. They are given a timeframe to post within and send links to the final live posts.


Reviewing the impact

Review the KPIs outlined + the results from the influencers to determine the success of the campaign. Determine the next steps for reinvesting in the people and content that perform best in future influencer campaigns.

In-House Influencer Campaign Tools

Sourcing, management and reporting, all in one platform.

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Upfluence, our in-house influencer management tool, dramatically simplifies influencer activation

Identify key influencers

Our influencer platform allows us to filter through 2M+ content creators by any keyword, audience demographic, or metric to find the best brand fit.

Manage creative communities

Creator Relationship Management tools make conversations, negotiations, and content review seamless and efficient. 

Make data driven decisions

From reach, engagement rate, to influencer ranking, Upfluence provides performance metrics to ensure we’re choosing the right influencer for your campaign.

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