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  1. Vert Digital Summer Internship Program

Vert Summer Internship Program

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Applications for Vert's summer internship program will begin in early 2024. Learn more below about Vert's summer internship program and submit the form to sign up for updates about future internship cohorts.

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Vert Internships

Gain marketing agency experience as a Vert intern!

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Interested in a career in marketing? Dive in and get to work at one of Atlanta’s top agencies.

Vert’s summer marketing internship program is an excellent opportunity for people interested in gaining experience working at a digital marketing agency.

Work side-by-side with our full-time Vertbags on client work and internal projects, and gain valuable experience to add to your resume.

Join an award-winning team, named one of Atlanta’s Best & Brightest places to work, and 6-time honorees of both the Inc. 5000 & UGA Bulldog 100 list of the fastest-growing companies in America.

Internship Positions

Internship roles may include:

Administration Team

Business Development Intern

The Business Development Intern will work closely with Vert’s Business Development Coordinator and virtually all departments at the agency, collaborating to help tell Vert’s story far and wide to existing and prospective clients, partners & staff. They will sit in on pitches, internal meetings with Vert’s Marketing Committee, and work alongside a team of industry experts to help formulate & execute the firm’s sales and marketing plans. They will split time between pitches and helping to execute marketing, employer branding & PR initiatives for the agency.

Analytics & CRM Team

Email Marketing Intern

Vert’s ACRM team loves data and is obsessed with finding new, exciting, and valuable ways to weaponize it, because the littlest things can make the biggest difference. Vert’s Email Marketing Intern will join our team to help strategize, optimize, and report on new and existing marketing campaigns for our clients to help ensure the right message is reaching the right audience at the right time. 

Account Strategy Team

Project Management Intern

The Project Management Intern works with all of Vert’s functional teams to manage the ins and outs of the campaigns, projects, and deliverables we execute. They will help keep projects and deliverables flowing between agency teams and between Vert and our clients in a way that’s effective, efficient, and consistent. The ideal candidate is a pro at multitasking, can think about the nitty-gritty and the big picture at the same time, and is known for their ability to knock a proverbial curveball out of the park.

Creative Team

Digital Design Intern

The Digital Design Intern be in the trenches with us, helping to create everything from social posts to websites. A spirit of collaboration will be necessary – they’ll be working closely with other members of the Creative team to bring brands to life and engage a wide variety of users. Some of the things they’ll work on include creative concepting, social content, digital advertising campaigns, email campaigns, websites, and photo editing.

Brand Strategy Team

Brand Strategy Intern

The Brand Strategy Intern is responsible for brainstorming new and exciting ideas for our clients, conducting competitive industry and audience research (always thinking about the person on the other side of the screen), and working closely with our Creative team to make sure we’re telling an engaging, authentic story in the right place at the right time to drive business results.

Media Team

Digital Media Intern

The Digital Media Intern will get the chance to look under the hood of digital advertising. You’ll learn the ins and outs of digital marketing and advertising, working with our Media team to help research, analyze, execute and optimize campaigns for an array of clients.

What is an internship at Vert like?

Interns will gain experience in:

Cross-team Collaboration

Interns will collaborate with Vertbags across our seven teams on client projects, like creating campaign timelines, writing blog articles, designing creative assets for social media campaigns, and helping to build client websites

Agency Operations

Interns will attend informational interviews with Vert team members across the agency to learn about their role and career path in the field of marketing

A Self-Directed Group Project

All interns will work together on a self-directed project. In the past, interns have proposed a marketing campaign to help Vert to reach prospective clients, shared research on marketing to Gen Z, and other topics that relate to all intern roles and interests

Other Details

What else can you expect from an internship at Vert?

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  • All internships are paid hourly.
  • Interns typically work 15-20 hours per week, with flexible scheduling during Vert’s core working hours of 10:00 am- 4:00 pm Eastern Standard time.
  • Some, but not all of Vert’s internships have the potential to lead to a full-time role at Vert.
  • Internship timeline:
    • Year round: Interested candidates sign up for internship program updates (see the form below!)
    • February: Applications open
    • March: Interviews begin – typically includes 1 phone & 1 virtual meeting
    • April: Final hiring decisions are made & job offers are extended
    • Mid-May: Internships begin
    • Mid-August: Internships end

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