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The Client

As a global agricultural conglomerate, AGCO’s annual report website was crucial to stakeholders and farmers for its financial, strategic, and cultural year-end disclosures. Yet, each year, the site didn’t get the traffic AGCO desired due to a myriad of media and site-optimization problems. Having a great year of growth in 2017, AGCO wanted to ensure that stakeholders were informed of their success and the strategic plan for the coming year.

The Challenge

To help curb their traffic issues, AGCO turned to the digital media team at Vert to develop and traffic a paid media campaign to bring awareness to the site and new company-wide initiatives. The goal: drive traffic and increase consumer and stakeholder confidence.

The Process

As with every strategic media campaign, we had to first plant the seed. The initial step was to research the brand, platform trends, and the audience. AGCO has a dedicated follower base across social media that was broken into three key audiences: executives, cultivators, and agricultural tech aficionados. These audiences were also passionate about agricultural trends and their favorite farm equipment brands. Digging into insights, we put together targeted lookalike audiences to build our campaign around and to influence messaging strategy.

With a better idea of the audiences, we tapped deeper into specific content and posts on AGCO’s Facebook and Twitter, and noticed that certain creative applications (video and animation) performed better as a whole. On top of that, our content analysis showed that the audience consistently engaged with creative that painted agriculture in a modern, tech-focused light.

Using these insights as our blueprint, we created a full social campaign, with copy and creative, targeting users on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We also incorporated the 2017 AGCO theme of the year—“Innovation Feeds”—into the messaging strategy. 

Then we sent it into the world.

Campaign messaging and creative was crafted around the 2017 AGCO theme of the year, “Innovation Feeds”.

AGCO Abbual Report Campaign Creative
The Results

In post-campaign analysis, our yield was incredibly fruitful. Our Annual Report Campaign paid and organic social efforts drove 19,104 site visitors, which far surpassed the goal set for 2,500 unique site visitors. In comparison to 2016, that was a 249% gain in site traffic as a direct result of the campaign.

Final results also showed 1,593,765 impressions and 5,949 engagements, proving that our messaging and audience strategy paid off. 

In the end, the campaign was a complete success—and AGCO’s most trafficked annual report to date.

  • % site traffic increase
  • M impressions
  • K engagements

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