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The Client

B2B healthcare tech is a competitive industry. So with a new line of radiology displays set for market, Belgium-based Barco needed an enticing way to encourage facilities and hospitals to upgrade to their new systems. Barco's internal solution was to develop a trade-in program to simplify the upgrade process for current display owners, but they needed a way to inform audiences and drive leads to their new program across digital. Enter: Vert.

The Challenge

With a large CRM database and program details as our foundation, we strategized a campaign around a series of emails, paid media, and a conversion-focused landing page. Our messaging strategy would rely on  introducing audiences to the new displays and informing them about the value of the trade-in program, while encouraging users to reach out about the upgrade process.

The Process

We first wanted to get to know our audience; our CRM list included hospital employees with technical roles like PACS Administrations, Medical Informatics and radiologists along with non-physican leaders in Radiology and other departments. In addition, Barco channel partners and tech integrators would need to understand and share the new trade-in program with their clientele.

We ran an audience analysis to paint a broad picture of who were were talking to. Next, we x-rayed our findings, pairing pain points with specific trade-in benefits. This gave us a clearer idea of who would be receiving our emails and why a trade-in program would benefit them.

With our message strategy and audience insights sharpened, we began production on the core landing page. A landing page is only as strong as it’s UI/UX, so optimization was key. We relied on learnings from Hotjar (a heatmap tool to see how users interact on site) and buyer modalities, structuring our landing page content in snippets to help reinforce key benefits from the trade-in details.

In conjunction with our landing page development, we built out our email strategy, choosing a pulsing approach to engage and inform our customer list and pivot based on user action. This engagement-reengagement system reinforced awareness of the trade-in program and helped educate users along the way. It also gave us valuable insights and the ability to A/B test content to see what most resonated with our audiences.

Development: Barco Trade-In Landing Page

Email strategy centered around a pulsing approach to engage and inform our customer list and pivot based on user action.

Email and CRM: Barco Trade-In
The Results

The strategy paid off. Each step in the campaign played an integral role in converting our highly valuable audience to hot leads. With a multitude of touch points and winning content, Barco’s first trade-in program was a clear success and set the precedent for high-converting campaigns to come.

Vert’s expertise on digital marketing campaigns helped us quickly put together a campaign that was effective in generating leads for us.

Ying Khang, Marketing Director, Americas

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