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Throughout our partnership with one of our larger casual dining restaurant clients, we realized that there was significant potential for SEO gain. The Vert team cooked up some exciting plans to fully execute a local seo strategy, providing even more delicious results!

The Opportunity

The main goal for this project was to improve organic traffic to the client’s website, as well as improve their local SEO management of local listings and visibility on Google Maps and the Local Pack. Then, we took it a step further to show how these enhancements improved their local presence, organic visibility and traffic to the website, as well as ultimately driving more conversions and revenue on a per location basis.

The Solution

With our help, local listings optimizations and detailed tracking was enabled to understand the impact driven by the client’s local listings. This meant that we could now see exactly how much revenue was being derived from each platform; an exciting game-changer for us and the brand team. This allowed us the ability to assess the value of the platforms the brand was using already and identify which would benefit the most from local optimizations. In Q1, Vert completed local SEO optimizations through their local listings management platform including adding attributes, additional categories, website UTM parameters, etc. to local listings. More photographs were added to local listing platforms specifically Yelp and GPB (Google Business Profile), and we preformed optimized tests on GBP Q&A.

The Results

Through our extensive work, our endeavors resulted in an impressive 26% surge in the total number of organic traffic users YoY, as well as a 16% increase in incremental YoY traffic. The brand experienced a remarkable 42% enhancement in their Google Maps ranking in position #1-6 for our prioritized searches, and a substantial 44% improvement within the Local Pack. Through these efforts, we were also able to attribute which local listings websites drove the most revenue for their brand. These efforts indicate that per location sales from organic search over one year would be responsible for upwards of $1.3 million in sales!

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