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Transportation Insight ranks amongst North America’s top logistics companies, servicing both shippers and carriers. Transportation Insight was driving a lot of traffic to their website and services, but acquiring leads was proving a challenge. They needed a data-driven solution to improve their conversion rates and drive more leads.


Transportation Insight was looking for a way to improve the conversion rate of their primary landing pages in a smart, savvy, and statistically significant way. They partnered with Vert for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and together we created an engaging, clear, effective landing page template for their logistic services. One that captivated users, enticed them to act, and achieved Transportation Insight’s business goal of driving more qualified leads.


The goal was clear, drive more qualified leads. Vert’s Interactive & Design teams brought life to that goal with a few different tactics:

  1. Reduce form fields and as much friction as possible on the “Request Quote” form
  2. Build steps into the form to make it easier to consume
  3. Provide modern and concise benefits of TI’s services, along with clear CTAs
  4. Utilize subtle movement to attract the eye
  5. Integrate form natively with their CRM platform to make lead submission seamless

In order to run a statistically significant test, we activated an A/B redirect experiment using Google Optimize. This included:

  • Variant set up, page targeting, audience targeting, measurement, and objective set up
  • Monitored test over the 2-month period to collect data

With the simplified form changes, clear CTAs, and sleek, reimagined layout, the new Vert built landing page drove roughly 2X more leads than the original page, and we found that the test page had a 97% probability of converting more leads moving forward. This is just one of the ways we can use data to inform our marketing efforts and drive more leads for your business.

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