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A Partnership That Stacks Up

Written by Hayden Wilson  April 5, 2021

At Vert, we love a good celebration. Birthdays, Vertiversaries, made-up national holidays (we’re looking at you, National Popcorn Day) – you name it, we celebrate it. That’s why we’re extra excited to spend some time celebrating one of our top digital media partners, StackAdapt. 

What (Or Who) Is StackAdapt?

StackAdapt is both a managed and self-serve programmatic advertising platform based in Canada. As an award-winning demand-side platform (DSP), it’s no wonder Vert selected them as a strategic digital media partner. Through partnerships with data companies and publishers, they extend media buys and allow agencies to reach previously untapped audiences. Whether it’s a self-serve or managed-service buy, they’re always pulling levers and making recommendations to maximize effective digital advertising performance at an efficient cost. 

How Does Vert Utilize StackAdapt’s Platform?

Vert partners with StackAdapt for a plethora of reasons; their custom audience segments and stellar data partnerships (Mastercard, VISA, CubeIQ, Place IQ, etc) are unmatched when compared to other self-serve media platforms. They also have a talented creative team that is immensely helpful; especially for clients with limited creative resources. 

Vert has leveraged StackAdapt’s full advertising set, from native and standard display to rich media display and connected TV (CTV). StackAdapt keeps a pulse on what’s new and trending in the digital media industry—their latest release being programmatic audio—which keeps us on the cutting edge, as well. With their gamut of ad formats and extensive data segments, we turn to StackAdapt for as many projects as we can.

Who Are Our Key Players?

Jessica Uttley - Director of Creative Services at StackAdapt

Jessica Uttley: Director of Creative Services

A wonderfully creative and collaborative designer; our team is excited to brainstorm and execute brilliant rich media units that are bigger and better thanks to Jessica. 

Dimitri Perdicaris - Sales Director at StackAdapt

Dimitri Perdicaris: Sales Director

The StackAdapt leader of our account, Dimitri, is admirably transparent, enthusiastic, and just as jazzed as we are about creating strategic, quality work in a timely fashion.

David Bassett - Manager of Client Services at StackAdapt

David Bassett-Wilson: Manager, Client Services

Regurgitated data? Hard pass. Thank goodness for David, who shares thoughtful and tailored campaign insights along with strategic recommendations and solutions.

How Do They Work With Vert?

Plan, execute, analyze. That’s StackAdapt’s story and they’re sticking to it!

During the planning phase, our digital media, brand strategy, and design team collaborate with StackAdapt’s team to agree on digital advertising budgets, targeting tactics, campaign objectives, and creative placements to run with. From there, our teams work together to create mind-blowing ads that both teams are excited about. Throughout a campaign’s flight, we get top-notch reporting from StackAdapt’s team. Last-minute creative shift? No problem. Mid-flight campaign optimization? You name it, StackAdapt is there and ready to collaborate with a smile and data point. 

Why Are They Great Strategic Partners? 

We think the Vert and StackAdapt team go together like peanut butter and jelly, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. See what the StackAdapt team had to say about our partnership:

“Vert is our ideal partner! By being open to recommendations and clear in their direction with each client, we’ve been able to collaborate on impactful, engaging creatives that delight brands and drive results. ” – Jessica Uttley

“I’ve always been so impressed with the Vert team because of their forward-thinking approach and adaptability. Vert truly understands the value of testing to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. Vert is a valued partner of ours here at StackAdapt and we’re excited to grow alongside one another!” – Dimitri Perdicaris

“Vert never ceases to amaze me with their ability to find new and innovative ways to flex their digital muscles for their clients and have fun while doing so. In our industry there is rarely a substitute for good people, and after working with Vert for 3 years I can honestly say they are one of the best in the business.” – David  Bassett-Wilson

We certainly don’t put this lightly, but we consider StackAdapt to be a frequent extension of our team, and, dare we say it, honorary Vertbags. Cheers to all our past, current, and future campaigns with StackAdapt as one of our trusted agency partners!

Hayden Wilson