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Vert is hiring seven Summer Marketing Interns!

What’s the job? 

Vert is looking for seven Vertbag Interns (that’s what we call our team members!) to join Vert’s Summer 2022 Marketing Internship Program. 

Which one sounds like you?

  1. Email Marketing Intern: This person has strong writing skills and is interested in learning how to use Google Analytics to get the right message in front of the right audience in order to reach our clients’ goals.
  2. SEO Intern: A person who enjoys looking ‘under the hood’ of websites and wants to dig into some data and help us make recommendations to our clients to improve their position in search results. 
  3. Brand Strategy Intern: Someone very familiar with social media platforms, has strong writing skills, and can help us identify trends and how we can use them to tell our clients’ stories.
  4. Agency Marketing Intern: An entrepreneur at heart who likes talking to strangers, is interested in sales, and can help facilitate our pitch process to tell Vert’s story.  
  5. Project Management Intern: A problem-solver and strong communicator who is excited to learn about how our teams work together, and can build relationships to keep collaborative projects on schedule.
  6. Digital Design Intern: A budding designer comfortable in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator whose social media feeds are slowly being taken over by artists and creators, and can spin up everything from social posts to infographics while being both innovative and on-brand
  7. Full Stack Development Intern: A web developer with a working knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript who is excited to expand their skills into creating email templates, translating design files into accurate front-end code, and can jump in to help us with our current WordPress website development projects. 

What is Vert Looking For? 

Our ideal intern candidate is Atlanta-based and excited to work in a hybrid office/remote model, so that they can collaborate with others in person and online, but we’re open to considering fully remote candidates who really knock our socks off. 

We’re looking for folks who are excited to learn about Vert’s work, Vert’s people, and to teach us a thing or two! We don’t have any requirements about majors, or degrees, or class years – anyone who is ready to learn, ask questions, and challenge us is welcome to apply. So if you think this is you, we’d love to meet you! 

What Can A Future Vertbag Intern Expect?

During the program, all interns will be collaborating together on a group project to gain real working experience on an industry topic. We’ll present a real-life scenario, and then we’ll challenge every intern to join together to research and provide solutions for the task at hand. Through this project, we want you to further develop your problem-solving skills, learn how to work in a team, and expand your strategic thinking. Plus, you’ll be able to add this project to your portfolio at the end of the summer!

Curious about other career offerings at Vert? We offer 1:1 Coffee Chats where you can book time with any full-time Vertbag to talk about what they do, how you can fully take advantage of this internship, and help discover your career path. During these chats, feel free to ask any questions regarding your career, agency life, or even what their zodiac sign is! 

In terms of office culture – interns can expect to join in on our exciting events planned by Vert’s Culture Club, such as:

  • Vert-Catered Lunches
  • Monthly Birthday Parties
  • Round-Table Discussions
  • And More! 

And of course, we also want you to gain the skills in the field that you applied for. Every intern will meet and get to know every Vertbag on their team. There, each Vertbag Intern can see what role each member of the team plays, and get hands-on experience in client work. 

“My favorite part about Vert’s internship was being able to contribute to actual client work and the mentorship I received through my supervisor and the media team members who became my “unofficial” mentors. Through this internship, I gained both soft and hard skills, ranging from how to navigate the intricacies of client relations to how to become an expert in all things Google Ads.”

Elizabeth Pridgeon, Summer 2021 Digital Media Intern. Elizabeth currently works on Vert’s Digital Media team as a Digital Media Coordinator.

What’s Vert’s Internship History?

Internships have been a part of Vert for many years, to great success – many full-time Vertbags started out as interns. Recently, we’ve pivoted from focusing on hard skills that support client work, to offering a blended opportunity for both learning and real-life agency experience.

In Summer of 2021, Vert launched our first structured, collaborative internship program after thinking about three specific questions: Who can benefit from an internship? How do we support Vertbag interns along their career path? And how can we use internships to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at Vert and in the marketing & advertising industry at large?

To answer these questions, we’ve taken a step back to take a look at the big picture. By taking economic hardship, diversity, and past opportunities into consideration with Vert’s DE&I initiative in mind, we’ve created a learning opportunity to help our interns grow to succeed in any field. Don’t have a marketing major or a background in marketing? No worries! We’re here to help you grow no matter what your background is. Our goal is to help Vertbag Interns build an impressive resume, focus on expanding hard and soft skills, and help develop into strong professionals with real agency experience.

Who is Vert? 

Vert is a full-service digital agency made up of functional teams with world-class expertise in digital media, digital brand strategy, creative design, full-stack development, analytics & CRM, with a digital account strategy team who ties everything together with thoughtful consultation, communication, organization and direction.

An internship at Vert is great for people who are:

  • Interested in getting some experience in a potential career path 
  • Thinking about changing careers and want to test the waters
  • Curious about the inner-workings of an award-winning, digital marketing agency that works with Fortune 1000 brands

Ready to Apply? Find the role right for you and submit your application by April 15!

Have questions? Email Debbie at and she’ll be happy to help!

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