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The Vertbag Holiday Wish List

Elizabeth Zamiara
Written by Elizabeth Zamiara  December 12, 2016

2016 has been one crazy year… to put it mildly. The holidays are now in full swing and whether our wallets like it or not, that means lots and lots of gift shopping. As we wrap up the year, we’ll be unwrapping some of our most wanted gifts of 2016. Check out what our Vertbags had at the top of their lists this year!


Lauren H: 
I would like the HP Sprocket Photo Printer because I take a million pictures and never remember to get any of them printed. I like that this lil guy is portable too!

I have been in the market for a DSLR camera for, oh, forever, because I really want to take my photography game from iPhone 7 Plus level to legit (though the 7 Plus camera is pretty tight). My dad was/is a Nikon man, so I’m biased and want the Nikon D3300.

I recently played around with my friend’s Sony a7 and immediately put it on my Christmas list. I’m obsessed with it and I don’t even own it yet. I currently have a smaller Sony digital camera, but I’d like to up my photography game in 2017. Plus, if you order through the website B&H Photo, it’s free shipping AND no tax! #blessed

(The one sure to be on at least 50% of Vertbags lists) Snapchat Spectacles, because OMG they are SHADES with a CAMERA made by SNAPCHAT!

Polaroid-600 Film Pack: A couple of years ago I invested in a refurbished Polaroid from the Impossible Project, which was started after Polaroid announced the end of instant film in 2008. I prefer instant film for three reasons: First, it forces you to commit — you can’t take 25 pictures, decide that you don’t like any of them, and then take 30 more. You pretty much have one shot at roughly $3 a photo, so use them wisely. Second, these photos last a lifetime — instead of having thousands of photos in “The Cloud” that you’re going to forget about in a month, you have tangible photos that will last for years if you take care of them correctly! Finally, it’s instant of course — I’m impatient and I like to have a tangible result in my hand in a matter of seconds.

Tech-y Gadgets

Matt T:
My current phone is on its last legs, and I’m still #TeamAndroid. With Samsung batteries blowing up left and right, the Google Pixel is definitely the best smartphone option on the market.

Apple iPad Pro & Pencil – Let’s face it, when you already own every product that Apple has ever created, you might as well get another one. I have created a Keynote presentation, for anyone willing to be wow’ed, creatively entitled “Why Vert Should Buy Chaise a Tax Deductible iPad Pro and Pencil”. Catchy, right? Not only would I be able to crop ham out of catalog photos at the speed of light, I would also be able to do things like illustration, hand-lettering, precision photo edits, cinemagraphs and caricatures of each beautiful Vertbag! Two screens isn’t enough for a designer. With the iPad Pro, I would be able to watch my glory in action on THREE screens. Want a wireframe? NO PROBLEM. In a matter of minutes, I could create for you the loveliest grey boxes you ever did see. So Vertbag Santa, please…take a gander at my key points and bring me that iPad Pro. 12.9 of course. Go big or go home.

I would like an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. With a new love for reading has come a need for more books. A Kindle allows you to shop for books from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost! Not to mention, you can lend your friends books who also have a Kindle… looking at you Chaise Bishop!

An iMac! I would like an iMac because as a designer, the bigger the screen and the faster the processor, the better!


I am really digging the Samsung multi-room speaker systems that I can integrate with my Amazon Echo + SmartThings HUB to play different music in various rooms or play the same stuff throughout the house… C’mon Santa!

A UE Boom 2 Speaker! I’m that person who always puts my phone in a cup to make my music louder, so having an actual speaker (with Bluetooth pairing + 15 hours of battery life) would make my life so much easier.

What I really want is an Amazon Echo, because it has pretty decent sound for the size, and it can do a million other things.

Life Improvement

This KlikR Universal Remote Control would be number 1 on my christmas list. I hate finding the remote, my phone is much easier since its always in my hand anyway.

I would love to get the Nomad Key for Iphone. Number one because I’m a sucker for EDC gadgets like this. Second, I mean, its a lightning-to-USB charge-and-sync cable that would be with me at all times and I would instantly become the hero of every forgetful iPhone user in the world.

I never would have imagined that a lunch box would call my name. However, the Prepd Pack looked deep into my soul and spoke to me personally. It told me that I needed it. That it was the only thing I should trust my lunches to. Then the price tag convinced me otherwise.

I’ve told all of my friends and family that this year I want a bevy of Amazon and Target gift cards since I will be furnishing my very first one-bedroom apartment in January, and I own next-to-nothing. Yay Prime!

Lauren Z:
I already have one, but the Instant Pot is at the top of my gift-giving list. It’s an electric pressure cooker that makes soup, beans, roasts, stock, etc. a breeze (perfect for after work). I’ve personally sold at least 5 people on purchasing the IP, with zero regrets from anyone. If you don’t believe me, check out this review from The Food Lab.

In addition to that Amazon Echo, I would also like to connect it with a handful of WeMo switches and Philips Hue light bulbs so I don’t ever have to touch a button or switch ever again. Do you know how many germs are on those things?

Home Security

Canary is a super-cool, all-in-one home security system that keeps you updated on what’s going on in your home while you’re away (whether you’re at work or on vacation). It monitors air quality and has an HD camera that’s perfect for checking in on your pets!

Arlo Pro: Wireless Security Cams – I have two dogs and they each try to blame the other when something bad happens. Time to figure out which one is getting on the counter!

Drones, Drones, & More Drones

With 4.3 miles of transmission range and the ability to fold up into a backpack, this DJI Mavic Pro Drone is the perfect drone for anyone on the go. It comes complete with 5 vision sensors, a 4k camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal and a long lasting battery. Just think of the exhilarating video this could capture of me walking my dog in the neighborhood.

I could really use a DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone – for the sole purpose of using the HD live video cam to see if there’s a line at Chipotle before I leave my bed. It has front, side, and rear facing obstacle avoidance, but even if I do manage to wreck it, the DJI customer support team can fix it for free!

I would love to get the DJI Mavic Pro drone. It apparently folds up to be the size of a water bottle when you’re packing it away and that means I could bring it anywhere and film more awesome aerials without having to lug it around with one of those giant silly drone backpacks.

Matt G:
A GoPro Karma because it’s awesome – if they’d stop recalling it so I can haz it!

Wearables & Travel

Matt T:
Adidas XR1 sneakers – I tried these on recently and they feel like soft, gentle glove that forms to your feet. Unfortunately they’re hard to find so if anyone reading this has a size 10.5… holla at me.

Bluesmart One Luggage – This suitcase is amazing and touted as “more than a suitcase, a personal assistant.” I’m always nervous about my luggage getting lost, but this suitcase has a location tracker so you know at all times where it is! It also includes a charging station. I hate fighting people at airports to use an outlet to charge my devices. Bonus – you can lock it remotely from the app! Also, the Sea-son to Snuggle USB Foot Warmers – these guys are ADORABLE, and they are powered by USB. I could wear them at my desk and keep them plugged into the computer, or wear them at home while plugged into the wall. Either way, my feet will be toasty warm and cute!

Matt G:
Umano Tiny Dancer Tee because they are awesomer. These guys use kids’ drawings to be t-shirt designs. When you purchase a t-shirt from them, they donate a backpack of art supplies to kids in need… like really OMGz and heartstrings and stuff. Go good.

Atlanta United 2017 Jersey: Essential for the first game Spring 2017. Hail United!


Lauren H:
I really want a subscription to the hot sauce of the month club! I have a new found love of hot sauce and just want to keep my life a little spicy!

Stone Summit Gym Annual Pass: A slight fear of heights and having zero confidence in my ability to scale a wall might make this a weird wish list item, but I’m on this “do what scares you” kick with my life. I’ve tried bouldering a few times and each time I’ve felt more out of my comfort zone than ever before, so obviously I want to keep trying it. Maybe one day I’ll be able to make it to the top without freaking out half way up the wall.

Mary Elizabeth:
Anything put forth by Atlanta-based Dust-to-Digital! They bring incredible music from days gone by back life – from gospel to the music of Appalachia to Moroccan tribal music – it’s all so rich!

Every Barefoot Contessa Cookbook: Because Ina Garten is my spirit animal. How easy is that! And 20 Gallon Copper moonshine still because, why not? From the description: “promises to reward you with a good 5-6 gallons of whiskey or moonshine.” That pretty much says it all.

Everyday Needs

The Cloak of Invisibility because being social is overrated.

Love and acceptance.

P.S. Santa, we promise we’ve been on our best behavior.

Elizabeth Zamiara

Elizabeth Zamiara

As a Senior Account Strategy Manager, I collaborate across Vert teams and with our clients to provide the services that meet and exceed their business goals. Some of my favorite things about my job include building relationships & trading in solutions. When I'm not at Vert, I enjoy hanging out with my dog Otis, watching documentaries and reading historical fiction books.