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Vert’s Favorite Holiday Ads

December is here! As the cold weather (finally) begins to creep in and we put off our holiday shopping a little bit longer, the one thing we can always count on each year has arrived: holiday ads.

This time of year, it seems like holiday ads are thrown at us from every direction… emails, magazines, Facebook ads, and of course, commercials. The holiday season is notorious for bombarding wide-eyed consumers with commercials full of good cheer, holiday spirit, and gift-giving. That’s the nature of the holiday marketing campaign! Brands aim to charm customers by evoking emotion, promoting sharing, and connecting people together. In hopes of doing just that, we’ve put together a list of some of our Vertbags’ favorite holiday commercials. Check ’em out!

Apple | Frankie’s Holiday

“Apple created a playful twist on the classic Grinch story. Their creative always takes cold metal products and weaves them in to a warm and colorful story that tugs on both your humor and heart strings, allowing your piece of technology to become something emotionally tangible. Paired with beautiful cinematography, this ad will surely wined up on the nice list this year.” -Chaise Bishop, Digital Designer

Publix | Sprinkle Joy

“Publix always does a great job of creating feel-good spots that aren’t hard sale product promotions, but simply pushing the values of the brand itself. This one with the little girl is so sweet and heartwarming!” -Melissa Volpe, Digital Media Coordinator

Tipsy Elves | Beer Pong Sweater

“I enjoyed the Beer Pong Sweater ad because it shined a light on an innovative product concept that adds value to the historic Christmas Sweater market.” -Matthew Tompkins, Digital CRM Coordinator

H&M | Come Together

“Stylish clothes, a great story, and Wes Anderson’s flair come together to create this great long form ad that feels more like a short film. Honestly, you can’t go wrong.” -Nicole Shroyer, Digital Media Coordinator

Amazon Prime

“I really love this Amazon commercial because it is clever, heartfelt and brings up an important message. You can’t help but smile when you watch the ad.” -Leah Curl, Digital Content Coordinator

John Lewis | #BusterTheBoxer

“I like this commercial because it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (But honestly, add a dog to any commercial and I’m sold.)” -Kendall Wilson, Account Strategy Intern

While we continue to prepare for the holidays and begin to wrap up 2016, we hope these ads were able to bring you some laughter, perhaps a tear, but mostly holiday cheer. From all of us here at Vert, Happy Holidays!