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To all of our clients and friends, we wanted to wish you Happy Holidays from Vert Digital! As we all plan our next adventure, we wanted to share with you some of the team’s favorite domestic and international travel destinations. We hope that you can get some inspiration below from our Voyaging Vertbags as you travel around the world!


I traveled the Scotland back in February 2019, and actually went alone! I loved traveling on my own, especially in such a beautiful country. I did everything I wanted to on my own time! In Edinburgh, I went on ghost tours around the city every night, and explored the history of Edinburgh Castle. Then I took a caravan day-trip to the Scottish Highlands and it was incredible. We stopped at a few castles on the way, and a few lookout spots – the scenery was unreal, I felt like I was in Game of Thrones IRL. The trip ended in Loch Ness and yes, I did indeed meet Nessie – she was very pleasant.

– Shea Hill

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh feels like home, even if you’ve never been! Everything is close together, full of history and wonderful accents. You must see the castle and do the tour of Mary King’s Close, the only preserved 17th century street!

– Kate Laver

Cinque Terre, Italy

A. Italy. B. This is a beautiful string of 5 Italian towns, sitting between the mediterranean (think beautiful water and sunsets) and terraces that shoot straight up into the sky. Each of the towns are connected by regional train and you can hop between them in only a few minutes. All the towns have their own unique flare, some bigger than others. Each of them has amazing shops, restaurants, and beaches. There are also miles and miles of trails (of many difficulties) that connect all of the towns. So — get up, do a couple hour hike between two of the towns, get brunch and a cafe, take the train back to your starting town, go to the beach, have a 3 hour Italian dinner over the water during sunset, grab a bottle of wine from one of the local stores, they will open it for you in store and then stroll through the city (wine bottle in had – it’s all good there) and enjoy the rest of your night. The End.

– Matt Griffin

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Visiting the Amalfi Coast is like stepping into a postcard. The views, the food, the people, everything is *chef’s kiss*. You can’t go wrong spending your time in Sorrento, Positano, or any one of the other gorgeous cities there. There’s so many things to do from relaxing on the beaches, exploring the mountains, indulging in the cuisine, or shopping in town.

– Maggie Wright

Ghent, Belgium

Gorgeous locale that isn’t overly touristy yet. Short trip from Amsterdam or Brugge. Totally worth it for the architecture, cobblestone streets, castle tour and the sunset and sunrise on the canal is spectacular. Gotta check out the bell tower, the church in the center of the town square is a club at night, and they have these gummy candies called the “Noses of Ghent”, totally worth 5 Euros for a bag.

– Matt Rogers


(Barcelona, San Sebastian, and Granada in particular)

Amazing food, amazing people, great architecture, and on the mediterranean coast. Barcelona, San Sebastian, and Granada were my favorites and if you’re ever in Granada check out Alhambra, some of the most intricate architecture I’ve ever seen! San Sebastian is pretttty much the most beautiful town I’ve ever seen, too.

– Wes Ogden


It’s beautiful, relaxing, and everyone is so nice!

– Courtney Walker


Bermuda has all-things water related (aka scuba diving, jet skiing, paddle boarding, etc), but it is really just a great place to unwind and relax!

– Steph Still

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Perfect balance of accessibility, value and experience. Everyone loves going to Mexico – but you want to avoid the big crowds, long travel periods and over-priced touristy things. I recently celebrated my nuptials (and rang in the New Year of 2021) in Puerto Vallarta and can’t say enough good things. The VIEWS, oh my goodness the mountains cascading down into the bay is simply stunning. Combine that with Central American hospitality, short direct flights from the east coast, and hundreds of hotel & resort options – you kind of can’t go wrong. Plus the PV airport is right in-town which means you can be on the beach within :20 minutes of hailing an Uber!

– Kevin Planovsky

Page, Arizona

Page is a quiet desert town on the border of Arizona and Utah, surrounded by several wonders only found in the desert. Just minutes away from the heart of the town, you’ll find Horseshoe Bend, Lone Rock Lake, Glen Canyon Dam, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, and more. Treat yourself to a week in the desert exploring the intricate canyons, lakes, and sights via kayak, paddle board, jet ski, or hiking. Bonus: the south rim of the Grand Canyon is just a 2.5 hour drive from Page, so make a day trip you definitely won’t regret! My favorite parts of our trip to Page were paddle boarding through Antelope Canyon at Lake Powell and treating ourselves to giant margaritas at El Tapatio.

– Victoria Smith

Los Angeles, California

Barnsdall Art Park is a must-visit! The park is a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, a short walk from East Hollywood, and offers a great view of the Hollywood sign. The field in the park is perfect for picnics and even has a leisure walking trail.

– Pat Cooper

Destin, Florida

Because beaches are awesome and quiet.

– Peyton Kopp

Kevin Planovsky

Kevin Planovsky