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Forming strong, balanced & mutually valuable relationships is extremely important in business, but it is especially valued here at Vert. We hold dear a number of noteworthy friends, partners, and collaborators that have contributed to our growth & success over the years. But right now, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate a particularly long-standing and highly impactful VIP (Very Important Partner), Jeff Silverman.

Jeff’s consulting partnership with Vert first started years ago while he was working at another Atlanta-based ad agency, where he introduced Vert to multiple accounts needing digital-focused expertise. Later, Jeff began his independent strategic consultancy as Silverman1. In addition to his skills in consulting and marketing strategy, he wanted to provide his clients with a turn-key digital activation team. From what Jeff saw, many of his clients needed to expand their digital marketing. To answer their needs, Jeff Silverman connected his clients with Vert – and the rest is history. Over the past six years, this collaboration has enabled both of our businesses to grow alongside several long-term clients, such as Barco & ShareMD.

Of course, this consulting partnership isn’t just one-sided. Jeff also recognizes the skills that Vert provides to his clients, and relies on Vert when he sees that clients are looking to expand their digital marketing. “I really enjoy my working relationship with Vert. They are true experts in digital marketing and have a great command of the ever-evolving landscape from paid search, to paid social, to mobile, to display, to streaming audio & video, to email and more,”  says Jeff. “They are very collaborative in their approach and they do an incredible job of working with client-side web teams to integrate campaigns with CRM, Marketing Automation and reporting systems.”

This mutually beneficial relationship is also valued by some of our most notable Vertbags. “As is the case with most things in life, trust goes a long way. We’ve been incredibly pleased to partner with Jeff through this long standing relationship and we can always trust him to be an advocate, idea-pusher and in many cases, a constructive criticizer of our work, campaigns and process,” Says Michael Lentz, Co-Founder and Principal at Vert. “Jeff’s big-picture, long-term thinking is refreshing in a world where most marketers seem to be looking for surface-level, quick wins.”

One of the most notable clients that Jeff Silverman has introduced to Vert is Barco. This multinational technology conglomerate is particularly special to the Vert team, because they were the very first client that Silverman introduced to us six years ago. As Vert provided digital guidance and strategy to Barco, Jeff continued to provide his consulting knowledge to the client to deepen and widen our impact across their business. This relationship & trust from Jeff, combined with the Vert team’s enterprise strategies & execution have resulted in exponential growth – expanding to 5 branches within Barco: ClickShare, Demetra, Healthcare, and Entertainment. 

We’ve been incredibly lucky to have formed such a trusted & mutually collaborative partnership with Jeff, and are excited to welcome several more long-term clients as a consultant & agency combo team in the future. Most importantly, Jeff Silverman not only understands what his clients need, but recognizes the value that an agency like ours can offer to clients. “It is clear that they [Vert] are genuinely committed to client success at every level of the organization,”  he said. So here’s to you Jeff! Thank you for the commitment, the collaboration and the candor over the years – let’s keep leveling one another up for many more years to come!

Michael Lentz

Michael Lentz

Co-Founder and Principal of Emerging Media at Vert, Michael enjoys tweaking algorithms and using acronyms like CPM, CPC, CTR, and eCPM. Currently, Michael leads new business and translates objectives into award winning and targeted mobile, social and digital media campaigns.