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SEO Services Approach

Conversion Focused SEO Strategies & Implementation

At Vert, we know SEO. Vert has been implementing enterprise SEO services and strategies since 2019, driving over two hundred million in incremental traffic sessions and over $10MM in incremental sales activity attributable to SEO strategies and campaigns. Users are searching for your products and services organically — Let us help you to capture and convert more of these users with the best strategies for organic search, optimizing your website, online presence, content, images, linking strategy, and local listings, etc. to maximize brand awareness and conversions.

Let us help you to capture and convert your organic users.

SEO Goals

More Site Visitors. Improved Quality Site Visitors.

Increasing Traffic Quantity

One of the main goals of SEO is to organically increase the number of visitors to the site. This helps build awareness and drive action.

Increasing Traffic Quality

More visitors only matters if they are the right visitors for the website. One example is apple computers vs. apple the fruit have two completely different intentions. Not all traffic for the same keyword or topic is meaningful.

Increasing On-Site Value & Action

The ultimate goal of SEO to increase overall site action. Whether that’s more traffic, longer engagement, newsletter signups, product demos, conversions, or something else – good SEO should work towards this.

SEO Content

How SEO Driven Content Works

Content Audit

What Already Works?

Review existing content to see where improvements are needed, what’s performed well in the past, as well as which articles need to be refreshed or removed.

Identify Topics

Trending Topics & Fresh Ideas

We’ll help to identify trending topics, pillar pages, and topic clusters to begin building content on as well as which users this content best serves. 

SEO Calendar

SEO-Driven Content Planning

From this research, we’ll build an SEO-driven editorial calendar so all teams are on the same page for future content as well as what optimizations are needed within that content.

Content Briefs

Informed Writing Process

Our content briefs provide information so the writing process is more streamlined and easier to create a thorough blog post that is built to rank.

Best Practices

Steal a Page from Our Playbook

We provide all clients with best practices to guide you through the content creation process. We’ll be working right along side of you to make sure it’s optimized from day 1.

Review & Publish

Final Review

Once the content is created, we like to review for any final updates before publishing to make sure the content can rank as well as possible. For many clients, we even publish the content so everything that’s needed from the date it’s published is in place. Finally we’ll report on the performance of these content marketing efforts within your monthly meetings. 

SEO for Web

How SEO Site Migration Works


Initial Gauge

Benchmark where the website stands today and what improvements are needed from an on-page, technical, page speed, website structure, and crawlability approach. 

Keywords & Sitemap

What is the User Searching for?

Start with the end user’s journey in mind and map all keywords to main navigation pages. Assist interactive team in creating an SEO-centric formal sitemap so the architecture of your website aligns with the end-users ideal journey through your website.

Review URLs

Link Audit & Evaluation

Review redirects, url structure, and any url mapping prior to launch to ensure a streamlined transition to your new site.

Content Migration

Content Audit

SEO guidance for migrating current blog and an overview of future optimizations that are needed.


Implementing Key Elements

Implement title tags, meta descriptions, content updates and revision, to your main pages so your website is built to rank.

Structured Data

Fully Built Out Schema Markup

Leverage structured data for products, services, FAQs, etc. so that these can be generated visually within search results.

Submit Sitemap

Review Migration & Any Final Updates

Submit sitemaps to major search engines, audit site for technical errors through paid SEO tools, as well as confirm Google Analytics & Google Search Console are tracking visits to the site.

SEO Tools

lander image

When you activate our organic SEO team and processes you also get the best-in-class industry software that we pay for to inform, automate, and analyze the strategies and content we develop and deploy. Including but not limited to:

  • ahrefs
  • SEMRush
  • Whitespark
  • LocalFalcon
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • ScreamingFrog
  • Pingdom Tools
  • GT Metrix
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