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Paid Search + Organic Search = Smarter Search Marketing

Whether you call it “SEM,” “Paid Search,” “SEO,” “PPC,” or just “Search,” we speak the language for Search Engine Marketing. We understand that search behavior is a powerful, high-intent action that can be tapped and monetized for your business. We also understand that the audience and context behind the search are just as important—if not more so.

Through our rich keyword research, platform & audience analyses, and user search mapping & structuring, we define the user behind the search, the environment we will be competing in, and the nuanced execution of your search engine marketing strategy. Beyond this, we combine paid automated bidding strategies through machine learning with a human-centered SEO approach to drive meaningful and efficient results at scale.

Our approach focuses on 3 core elements.

1. The Search + The Audience

We take into account what users are searching, how often they are searching, when they are searching, and where they are searching. Our process for developing keyword lists goes through a complete dive-in with keyword tools (both external and internal), focusing on where you’ll win in both the organic search and paid search arenas. Through page audits and content strategy, we are able to flesh out full keyword analyses and determine the best approach for where you’ll be most successful. We meticulously segment by keyword intent, relevant business lines, brand initiatives, and additional layers that are important to accurately and efficiently drive results for your business.

Additionally, we identify who the people are behind the search and how we can optimize towards more highly relevant users – either by prioritizing/de-prioritizing key user segments or by hyper-targeting sub-segments. We do this by taking advantage of the multiple audience levers we can pull on the search engine side:

  • Utilizing first-party customer lists
  • Leveraging in-market audiences
  • Layering in affinity audiences and detailed demographics
  • Identifying the topics that will be best utilized through paid efforts vs. organic

2. The Hook + The Call-To-Action

Finding the right users is one thing but in a highly competitive environment, such as any Search Engine Results Page (SERP), the right message matters. We have only a few seconds—and a little space—to make an impact. By combining strong branded messaging, nuanced hooks and creative, bold calls-to-action, and ads highly tailored towards each keyword segment, we can attract eyes and drive the relevant click. Additionally on the paid side, we leverage all available ad extensions relevant to your business to gain more real estate on the page and provide that extra leg up compared to your competitors.

Through intense research, we can also see which topics will be best utilized in paid search results as well as how to rank in the organic search results. We’ll help you to capitalize on featured snippets, local map results, rich snippets, knowledge graph, and “people also ask” boxes, as well as optimize your title tags and meta descriptions to show valuable information to capture and convert your users.

3. The Destination + The User Experience

This is the most important piece of each of the elements that we focus on because it is the delivery of your promise to your audience. Along with our incredible capabilities on a landing page or website development, we audit your website, identify strong content pages and assure clear conversion actions (whether it’s a purchase, lead generation, account registrations, etc.) to incentivize. We understand, however, that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, especially when considering all of the keywords and/or topics relevant to your business. With that in mind, we map when and where to send users to maximize results whether by keyword segment, ad group, specific ad, landing page, or blog post.

Additionally, we keep conversion tracking top of mind along the way. By either linking relevant properties (Google Analytics, Firebase, Salesforce, etc.) and carefully attaching purposeful UTMs and tracking templates to all needed parts to our search efforts, we make sure all of the cookie (pun intended) crumbs are tracked. This helps us to identify the campaigns, ad groups, specific ads and even granular keywords that drive your results. This comprehensive conversion tracking can help combine that human touch with the scale of automated, machine learning-powered optimizations.

Rinse + Optimize + Repeat

And finally, once we’re satisfied with the backend setup, we kickstart our paid campaigns and our organic efforts. However, that is not where our focus ends; it is where our work only begins. Ongoing and regular optimizations are a focal point in increasing performance and increasing scale. We optimize, test, learn, re-strategize and repeat. We build upon successes and learn from any shortcomings from the many important levers we can pull for our search accounts:

  • Keyword level mining and refining
  • Audience, demographic, device, and partner bid adjustments
  • Ad rotation and experimentation
  • Future content opportunities for your brand to capitalize on
  • Guest blog post and backlinking partners to accelerate your reach online
  • Technical audit updates and monitoring algorithm changes
  • Pillar page strategy to help you compete against your strongest competitors

We do not “set-it-and-forget-it.” We tailor the strategy to your business. We structure intentionally. We monitor and track furiously. We optimize constantly. We test and experiment curiously. We drive results efficiently.

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