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This Ain't Your Grandpa's Electronic Mail, That's For Sure

E-mail may now be as old as your parents, but it is most certainly way cooler and more technological than they are these days… The reason that e-mail and CRM (customer relationship management/marketing) are still such a force to be reckoned with is that it continues to be the most direct connection between your business and the individual behaviors, interests, and lifestyle of your customers & prospects. Whether you are selling services or widgets, through e-commerce or at the point-of-sale, the correlation between revenue and CRM engagement is virtually 1-to-1. Capturing an email address is more valuable now than it ever has been, and our team has built a strong practice around securing and maximizing this first-party and zero-party data. Some of the types of clients we have shown meaningful ROI with intelligent CRM activations include:

  • Establishing directly attributable sales of online ordering for a  global restaurant chain
  • Building conversion-focused B2B landing pages, natively within Marketo.
  • Connecting real-time custom audiences between CRM activity & Facebook campaigns.
  • Proving out a revenue value of $1.35 per email open for a regional pizza chain.
  • Growing subscribers for as little as $.55 per email address for a national consumer brand.

Modern CRM & Email Marketing Thinks Beyond the Inbox

It’s all about the customer experience, and that goes WAY beyond your Gmail or Outlook inbox. At Vert, we think of CRM as the aggregation of all individual records, actions, triggers, purchases, & cues that a human gives us about their relationship & intent to do business with our clients. These signals come in from both offline & online channels including emails, clicks from paid ads, in-store purchase activity, shopping carts and virtually everywhere we can track, pixel or tag. Every relationship between brand and consumer should be treated as unique. This translates to way more than just email sends – providing an opportunity to send customized text messages, push notifications in apps or even within browsers and more. Our ACRM (analytics + CRM) team was built to properly collect, format, visualize & deploy segments of these users for targeted email campaigns, paid media custom audiences, tracking cohorts, dynamic website content, etc. Stop thinking “email blasts” and start thinking data-fueled outreach opportunities on a 1-to-1 individual basis.

We've Seen the Future and It's Automated

As email marketing services and CRM + ESP (email service provider) systems have matured, so have their value propositions. Not every MailChimp, Salesforce, EMMA or HubSpot CRM software is created equal… They all have strengths & weaknesses that our team seeks to fit for your business needs & goals. We are technology + platform agnostic here at Vert – which translates to truly custom solutions, integrations & strategies that put your customers and their brand experience first. We are functional experts with all the top ESPs, but the one strategic thread that rings true across all is the importance and value of marketing automation. Whether it is hand-crafted landing pages built within Marketo or advanced, multi-tiered workflows and AI for triggered email events in Iterable – we can help extract the most value from your data sets and systems for lead generation, nurturing and sales.

True eCRM = Smart ESP System x Clever Segmentation x Strong Creative

Regardless of your business model, customer type or budget – our first-party data + audience-first strategic approach identifies the right time to engage with the ripest customer segments across channels. The best, most effective & revenue driving emails & CRM messages leverage the uniqueness of the customer data record with cleverly timed outreach, all through a lens of smart, customized messaging and visuals. Gone are the days where email was about really pretty “post-card” creative that your CEO wants to see before it goes out. If you aren’t sending truly personal CRM communications to your customers & prospects from a centralized, scalable database – let’s talk. We can build you a unique team led by our ACRM practice and supported by world-class copywriting, exceptional design & animation experts, and systems integration, development & tracking professionals. Want to see it all in action? Check out that fancy little form below… When you drop your info in, it will auto-magically pass into our CRM database (MailChimp) and our productivity suite (Podio) simultaneously (thanks to custom backend integrations from our dev team), create a record of your information and alert our co-founder Kevin to reach out, all within a matter of minutes. What are you waiting for? Let’s do work. See it in Action →

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