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Here at Vert, one of our core values is “Shine A Light.” That can mean many things in many different situations, but ultimately, it simply means leaving people and places better and brighter than before. Rehabilitation Enables Dreams (RED) is a nonprofit organization that does just that. RED’s mission is to keep people out of the criminal justice system permanently. Their programs have had a tremendous impact on the community, shining a light on many lives in the Atlanta area. So when we were presented with the opportunity to help them improve their brand strategy, we jumped at the chance and offered our services for free.

The Opportunity

RED needed help mapping their content and brand strategy to a multi-faceted target audience. Ultimately, they wanted to increase brand awareness to help get the word out about their life-changing work. Our goal was to define and refresh their brand identity by employing an audience-first strategy on digital channels to more clearly communicate its purpose, excite its various audience segments, and increase support, awareness, donations, and participation.

The Solution

It was time for a rebrand. The first step was to analyze RED’s digital presence. We looked at everything from social engagement to website visitors and newsletter sign-ups. Next, using past data and competitor insights, we completed a Blueprint project for them to use in their digital media strategy, which outlined their target audiences, competitor insights, and set benchmarks for them to work towards with paid media support. Finally, taking those insights, our designers developed a creative strategy, building out concepts to include; a new logo, possible design systems, sample executions, and overall look and feel.


The Results

We delivered a polished Brand LookBook composed of the rebranding strategies, giving RED not only a refreshed sense of messaging and targeting direction but also revised logos, graphic elements, and sample ready-to-deploy ad creative, which they used to build out their brand and platform further! As a result, they increased their brand visibility and, perhaps, more importantly, the number of people they can reach and impact through their programs.

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